Going green and being eco-friendly are major buzzwords these days, especially with the recent election and all the political debates that came with it. So it is shocking when so many of those who are major proponents of going green completely miss one of the most obvious things anyone can do: plant more greenery! Even here in dry, hot Phoenix, adding plant life to the area can help bring physical green as well as a way to help the environment. At DHM Landscaping, we’re big proponents of going green, both literally and metaphorically. Whether you own a complex of corporate buildings or you’re planning a new housing development or even just updating HOA requirements, adding landscape design will boost not only the aesthetic appeal but also help the earth!


Create a Green Space

At DHM Landscaping, we’re passionate about plants! So, when it comes down to it, we believe everyone should have landscaping. That might seem like we’re oversimplifying things a bit, but we understand how much even a bit of landscaping can help the environment. The caveat here is that, while landscaping absolutely helps the environment, it takes a bit of effort to do it right. In a dry region like Phoenix, it’s imperative to add green to your yard or natural space in a way that isn’t going to suck moisture and require a lot of resources to upkeep. So, yes, please add more plant life to your natural space, but do a bit of research or work with a professional to develop the right landscape design for your area.


How Landscaping Helps

Landscaping is more than just adding some plants to make an office building, development, or home look pretty. In fact, the aesthetic appeal is nice, but that’s not the primary reason you need landscaping. When you add landscaping to your corporate structure, you are:

  • Helping preserve nature – every living plant helps, and urban areas are particularly desperate for more plant life. Help not only preserve but add to the little pockets of green around our city.
  • Securing the soil – as roots reach further, the plants will help defend against erosion and prevent runoff. This will help the stability of the ground surrounding your complex or housing development, which will, in turn, keep foundations stable and decrease the need for sidewalk and wall repairs.
  • Designating boundaries – landscape design is the easiest way to add separations between buildings or spaces without bulky fencing. With landscaping, you can create paths and mark separations that won’t go raggedy quickly or impede views.
  • Conserving our resources – landscaping, when done well, can actually help conserve water use. Not only will the roots help hold in soil, but proper landscaping will use less water and help support better air quality.
  • Welcoming visitors – nothing says “government complex” better than structures surrounded by nothing but concrete as far as the eye can see. Adding living plants to your complex will make your space feel welcoming and invite people in rather than scare them away.
  • Adding usable space – given how many sunny days we enjoy here in Phoenix, you can maximize your space by creating sitting areas. Benches and tables will add visual interest and allow employees or visitors to use the space rather than just pass through.
  • Increasing visual appeal – we said it above, but it does bear reiterating because aesthetics can play a big role in keeping customers or inviting in shoppers. Even new housing developments need landscaping to give potential homebuyers a sense of homeyness.


Landscape Design for Desert Climates

In Phoenix, one of the primary concerns for landscape design is balancing landscaping ideas with conservation and climate needs. It doesn’t always make the most sense to add an expansive green lawn that will require a great deal of watering to keep alive. At DHM Landscaping, we have years of experience landscaping around Maricopa County, so we know what the climate is like around Phoenix. We are happy to work with you to develop a landscape design that will help promote soil and plant conservation, reduce water requirements, and add to the visual appeal of your space.

If you’re ready to get started on the landscape design for your business complex, development, or home, call DHM Landscaping today!