About Us


The DHM Service Promise

We are committed to challenging every aspect of service in order to make it better. Not simply through effort, but through investment in technology, intelligence and resources that continuously improve our customers’ experience. We promise to ensure your satisfaction by never being satisfied ourselves.


Our Stakeholders

DHM understands that we are creating an environment that directly effects the lives of many who work, visit, drive by and walk through our properties. We also understand that this collective experience and impression equates to tangible value for our customers.

For this reason, DHM sees far beyond our immediate customers in terms of who we serve. We see the list of “stakeholders” of our landscape environments to include but are not limited to:

  • Property Managers / HOA Boards
  • Tenants / Residents (HOAs)
  • Tenant Clientele
  • Foot and Vehicle Traffic
  • Neighbors & The Surrounding Community

Our Team

We believe that no one person has all the answers and it is through mutual respect, a shared commitment and an open sharing of ideas that the best strategy will consistently emerge. This is why the first member of our “team” is our customer. Without their partnership, the DHM team would not exist.

Schuyler Mares
Irrigation Supervisor
Installation Supervisor
Jose Sarinana
Arbor Care Supervisor
Beverly Perkins
Accounting Manager
Josh Parra
Maintenance Supervisor

DHM Crew Teams

We are your DHM Maintenance, Installation and Arbor Crews. We are the lifeblood of the organization and know your properties’ landscaping better than anyone. We get to watch the world wake up all around us each morning and aim to make every day a beautiful one on your properties. We take pride in our work and hope to make your proud too.

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