Spring is rapidly approaching, which means warmer weather and longer days to enjoy more time outside in the sunshine – and for those of us in Phoenix, now is the time to get outside as much as possible before the heat takes over. In order to really encourage time outdoors, you need a welcoming, lush outdoor space. For your home, a lovely lawn can encourage your kids to get outside to play. Or, for those of you with your own business, a well cared for lawn can improve employee morale and encourage customers toward a more positive experience with you. This spring, get a jump start on your start of season lawn care with some help from DHM Landscaping.


Start Spring Smart

When winter hits, even cities with a warmer climate, like Phoenix, can see lasting effects of the dry and cold lingering in their lawns. Winter weather can bring with it lasting changes to your lawn’s soil conditions, can compact your yard and make it uneven, and can create conditions that make it easier for weeds to thrive rather than grass. This means that, in order to get a great lawn without a ton of work, you’ll need to start off your spring landscaping on the right foot for future success.


Stay Green

Not only will proper spring lawn care make sure your yard looks inviting, it can also help you stay more eco-friendly and use less water in the long run. In order to keep your yard looking great and be environmentally friendly, try these steps to start your lawn off on the right foot this spring:

  • Smooth things over – An uneven lawn can mean dips and valleys where water collects and high patches that dry out too quickly and get shorn too short by the mower. First thing in the spring is the best time to even out your yard, because the grass is still dormant from the winter and hasn’t taken root as strongly as it will when things warm up. An even lawn will mean better drainage and less water wasted.
  • Loosen things up – One of the other big problems your yard can face, year-round, not just during the winter, is soil compaction. The more foot traffic your yard sees, the more packed down the ground can get in those areas. First thing in the spring, as you even out your yard, take the time to aerate or even churn up your soil to loosen it.
  • Get planting – The next step, once your soil is ready, is to seed your yard. Be sure you’re choosing a grass that will work well here in Phoenix, which means choosing a grass that handles heat and drought well without an overwhelming amount of maintenance or watering. You may want a warm-season grass like Bermuda or Zoysia. This is also a great time to apply a weed control substance to keep the crabgrass at bay.
  • Water your grass– Once you’ve planted or re-seeded patchy areas, be sure to water regularly so the seed can actually take root. However, be sure you’re sticking to the early morning or late evening watering schedule to ensure it’s being soaked up by the grass rather than evaporated by the sun.
  • Add nutrients – Fertilizer can be an excellent tool to help your grass take root and stay strong through the searing heat of summer, but it can also cause more damage in the long run, when not used appropriately. With warm-season grasses, it’s generally best to wait until your grass goes green and is actively growing, usually around April or May, so it doesn’t make the grass grow too quickly too early in the year and die when summer hits.

To grow a lush green lawn that will last through Phoenix’s hot summers, start your lawn care routine early by trying the steps above. Or, if you lack the green thumb, let the team at DHM Landscaping help you out! We pride ourselves on working together to provide the best possible lawn care to the Phoenix area. Everyone on our team, from arborists to irrigation, works together so we can provide the best and most sustainable all-around lawn maintenance and landscaping possible, no matter the size of the job. Call DHM Landscaping today to schedule your lawn care!